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The Five Second Challenge: Creating Videos That Don’t Get Skipped


Video content is such an essential part of today’s marketing mix. People enjoy video content and consume it heavily, whether that’s through social media, YouTube, or even website embeds. However, people are also incredibly impatient. A video needs to capture its audience almost instantly – certainly before YouTube’s Skip button kicks in at the five… Continue Reading »

Google+’s New Collection Feature: Helpful for Engagement Ring Sales?


Of all the social media networks, Google+ may be the one that has had the hardest time making itself relevant to the jewelry industry. Up until this point, Google+ has not been a site widely known for fashion or jewelry content, and the platform has been struggling to find an audience. To counter this, over… Continue Reading »

#WeddingWednesday: Using Hashtags to Promote Bridal Jewelry on Social Media


Hashtags are a social media convention in which the pound symbol (#) is used in front of a word or phrase in a post. Hashtags are searchable, meaning that anyone who’s interested in what the social media conversation around engagement rings might be, for example, simply has to do a search for #EngagementRing. You can… Continue Reading »