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LinkedIn Introduces Seriously Useful Retargeting Tools

LinkedIn Introduces Seriously Useful Retargeting Tools

Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. When you’re trying to connect with people on LinkedIn, you need a more precise, targeted approach. New retargeting tools being introduced this month will make it easier to connect with the most appealing individuals: people who demonstrated some degree of interest in furthering their relationship with you, but stopped short.

Retarget by Video Views & Lead Gen Forms

With the new retargeting tools, brands will be able to remarket to individuals who watched a certain percentage of a video ad. This retargeting capacity is available whether the person viewed the video ad on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Audience Network. LinkedIn Audience Network is a feature that allows ads to be served to LinkedIn members on other platforms.

The other attractive retargeting option applies to people who started filling out a lead gen form but then didn’t finish it. LinkedIn stated that opening a lead gen form is a reasonable indication of interest. After all, who hasn’t started filling in a form with every intention of finishing it and then gotten distracted by something else that was more important.

Initial reporting on these tools in AdWeek appears promising. A test of retargeted-by-lead-gen ads against ads targeted by the brand’s normal methodology resulted in the retargeted lead gen ads enjoying click-through rates that were two to three times higher. All that to say, your click-through could benefit from ads retargeted by lead gen.

One of the reasons that this higher click-through rate may be happening is because these retargeting ads are triggered further along in the sales funnel, it’s possible to serve up highly relevant, focused messaging that resonates with an individual pre-primed to be receptive based on previous engagement with your brand. Obviously, this calls for a strategic approach to ad creation. If you need help crafting the right messaging for these highly targeted ads and want to boost your conversion rates, get in touch – our team can help you every step of the way.



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