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Use Your Creativity as a Competitive Advantage – DIY Social Media Marketing

Use Your Creativity as a Competitive Advantage – DIY Social Media Marketing

If you’re like most people, you spend a couple of hours every day on social media. This usually isn’t a couple of hours all at once – it’s a few minutes with your morning coffee, and then again when you’re on the train, and again on lunch break… you get the picture. And if for some reason you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, you might spend more time on social media than you usually do.

So thinking back over all of that content you’ve scrolled through and consumed, how much do you actually remember? Now set aside the posts that involved your family and friends, as well as those from the person you actually despise but stay connected to so you can get irritated by the dumb things they say. That should leave you with branded content – in other words, posts from the businesses and brands you follow. What stands out? What can you recall?

The odds are pretty good that the content you remember – the most memorable imagery, language and ideas – is unique. It doesn’t look, sound, or communicate in the same way other brands in that industry do. There’s something special about their messaging that makes it stand out.

Creativity: Unique Ideas Attract Attention

The human brain is wired to notice what’s new and unusual. If something’s familiar and routine, our eyes pass over it quickly because we know what’s going on without our brains needing to do any extra

Creative content attracts more attention. On social media, that’s the metric that matters.

Creativity: Convey Your Brand’s Personality Quickly

While people research and assess purchase options, they form relationships with brands. Creative social media content is an effective channel to let customers know what type of company you are. Are you fun and laid-back? Your social media content should have a very different feel from a brand with a 24/7 hustle personality.

Creative content makes it easier for social media users to understand who you are & what you’re about.

Being Creative is a Skill: You Can Do It

Join our next Step by Step Live Training: Social Media – Creative Ideas & Creative Copy to learn what you need to know to get started planning some phenomenally unique holiday campaigns, as well as tips for creating content to get you through the rest of the year. You’ll also learn some social media best practices, and there’s an open Q & A session where you can get your specific social media questions answered. Find out more here:

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