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4 Things You Need to Know About Mapping the Customer Journey


I’ve just gotten back from the Atlanta Jewelry Show, where I had the opportunity to discuss mapping the customer journey with a number of business owners, including retailers, manufacturers, and brands. Here are a few key points that arose out of that discussion that I’d like to share with you: Use your website analytics to… Continue Reading »

Jennifer Shaheen Receives American Gem Society’s Sallie Morton Award


The Technology Therapy Group is proud to announce that Jennifer Shaheen is this year’s winner of the American Gem Society’s Sallie Morton Award. Here’s what the official announcement said: This award recognizes the contribution of individuals who have gone over and above in their service to the AGS Guilds each year. Sallie Morton, ECG, was… Continue Reading »

The Mobile Minute: What You Need to Do So Google Pays Attention to Your Website


It’s not news that Google is the most dominant search engine in the world, but many business owners are surprised to find out exactly how much of the market Google owns. The most recent stats reveals that Google gets nearly three-quarters of all search traffic and more than 90% of mobile searches. That means it’s… Continue Reading »