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How Much Does It Cost to Get Someone to Use Your App? Understanding Acquisition Cost


Business owners are often very curious about how much it costs to have a new app built. It’s important to understand that development represents only one part of an app’s cost. In order for an app to be successful, you need a strategy to attract users. Marketing and promotion costs include any advertising you do… Continue Reading »

Strategy Time: How Are You Planning To Be Visible During the Holiday Season?


The Jack O Lanterns are already being edged out by the Snowmen in a store near you: the holiday season has unofficially begun. There’s a little bit more than 12 weeks remaining till peak shopping hours. That means it’s time to review – or create, as the case may be – your plan for maximizing… Continue Reading »

Social Media is the #1 Way Millennial Buyers Discover Luxury Brands


Millennials are buying luxury goods, but their research and purchasing patterns are different than previous generations. Research firm Deloitte looked at global luxury brand discovery processes among Millennial buyers, and found social media was the top choice for brand discovery and research. This reflects what we’ve seen, especially on Instagram and Pinterest, where luxury brands… Continue Reading »