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Your Holiday Promotional Plans Need to Go Beyond 12/25

Your Holiday Promotional Plans Need to Go Beyond 12/25

The week after Christmas, before the New Year starts, can be very profitable. In fact, some retailers call this short period of time “the Second Season”  –  a chance to make sales to all those people who received gift cards for the holidays, as well as those who are returning the gifts they received in hopes of getting something they actually want. To make the most of this season, you’ll want to have a promotional plan in place.

Step One: Have Your Website Ready to Go on Christmas Day

According to Google, people do 34% more retail-related searches on Christmas Day than they do on Black Friday. You’ll want to be sure your website looks fresh, appealing, and is easy to navigate – even by shoppers who’d never visited your website before. Be aware that younger shoppers expect websites to anticipate their wants and needs. If your current website can’t do that, you still have time to make changes. Read this to find out more.

Step Two: Use Email Marketing to Reach Gift Card Recipients

If your gift card system collects recipient email addresses – and it should! – use that list to send an email message prompting recipients to enjoy their gift a few days after the holiday season – think 12/27-12/30. Think of this email as a way to introduce your business to someone who may know nothing about you: showcase your most appealing merchandise, highlight what makes you special, link to your policy pages, and perhaps include an offer that makes using their gift card even more rewarding.

Step Three: Know How You’re Going to Handle Returns

Whether you’re selling online or in a brick and mortar location, returns are an opportunity to acquire new customers. Retailers who have liberal return policies and have trained their staff to make targeted recommendations based on what they’ve learned about their customer during the return process enjoy greater overall profitability than those who don’t. Again this is something you’ll want to put into place now, as it takes time to make sure your entire team, including holiday hires, is fully versed on the best way to handle returns.

Step Four: Time Social Selling Campaigns Strategically

The ideal time to use Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms to spur buying behavior is while your customers are still feeling a little disappointed by their holiday gifts but before the credit card bills arrive. This makes Christmas evening through New Year’s Eve prime time. Use your data & customer understanding to let customers know they can still get what they really want if they act now!


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