When Can I Start Seeing SEO Rankings for My Small Business?

How Long till I Start Seeing SEO Results?


Key Takeaways:

Every business’s SEO timeline is different, but 6-12 months is a good rule of thumb.

Website age, inbound links, competitors, and content are a few of the factors that determine how fast you’ll see SEO results. 

Dedicated resources, a solid strategy, and consistency are three tools you’ll need as you cultivate and reap the rewards of SEO for your business. 

SEO rankings don’t happen overnight. Like farming, the process of doing SEO and reaping the “harvest” of results requires patience and perseverance. But exactly how long is the wait until you can start to see SEO results? Join us as we explore some industry estimates for SEO time frames and share some factors and tools that impact SEO success.

Industry Estimates for SEO Ranking Time Frames

Here at Technology Therapy® Group, we believe in a six-month time frame for SEO results on low-volume to moderate-volume keyword phrases. Other industry experts have similar SEO ranking estimates. Per Google, it takes four months to a year before seeing results from your SEO efforts.

According to Ann Smarty, founder of Viral Content Bee and brand & community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas, it takes at least six months to see rankings but a 12-month period is a more realistic estimate. You can expect to start seeing results like increased traffic and engagement reasonably soon. But you’ll have to wait longer before you have enough data to confirm that your SEO strategy is “working”.

Here at TTG, we tell our clients to expect a six-month time frame for SEO results on low-volume to moderate-volume keyword phrases.

– Technology Therapy® Group

4 Factors That Play a Role in SEO Effectiveness

Website Age 

It’s a fact that new sites take longer to rank on Google than older ones. That’s because it takes time for a website to establish its authority and for Google to trust it as a reputable source.

Inbound Links

Google considers the volume and quality of links your website has when it ranks it in the SERP. But you’ll also want to monitor link velocity, which is the speed at which you earn links. Aim to naturally increase inbound links over time rather than trying to manipulate your site’s ranking, a practice that Google can penalize you for. 

Rival Businesses and Keyword Competition

A small business’s focus and service area can impact SEO rankings. For instance, if you’re a local insurance agency in a small city, you might rank higher in the SERP faster than a national insurance agency with a bigger client base and more competitors. Another thing to keep in mind with competitors is that they’re doing SEO too. They might be targeting the same keywords you’re trying to rank for which might mean that your site will take longer to rank for your target keywords.


Having quality content on your website is another huge component of SEO success. Though, some believe that longer content pieces perform better than shorter ones, there really is no “perfect” length. Google cares more about the value your content provides than how long it is. Strive for content that answers customer’s questions about a certain topic.

4 Tools that Can Help Speed Up SEO Rankings

SEO Resources 

The more time and manpower you can devote to your business’s SEO, the faster you can start seeing SEO benefits like increased traffic to your website and social pages. Add some SEO specialists and copywriters to your team or outsource this job to a marketing firm. 

A Solid Strategy

Having a plan is the first step toward ensuring your business’s SEO success. Whether you create and execute an SEO strategy internally or collaborate with a business mentor or marketing firm expert, it’s essential to map out your brand’s campaigns and content calendar. 

Consistently Doing SEO

The right resources and a rock star strategy are just two of the three tools you’ll need to help get faster SEO outcomes. Nothing can beat actually doing SEO, day in and day out. Consistency and perseverance are key.

Leverage Local SEO

Start using a local SEO tool like BrightLocal to step up your SEO game. This all-in-one performance dashboard will help your business rank higher in the SERP. We’re proud to recommend BrightLocal to all of our clients here at Technology Therapy® Group.*

It takes four months to a year before seeing results from your SEO efforts


SEO Expertise and Support as You Wait for Results

Need some expert guidance with your SEO strategy or need help mapping out your content calendar for the year? Contact us at Technology Therapy® Group. We also encourage you to check out these on-demand trainings as you grow your SEO knowledge and expand your business.

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