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It’s Time to Audit & Review Your 2020 Performance

It’s Time to Audit & Review Your 2020 Performance

I think most will agree that 2020 has taken us all for one wild ride. As the year comes to a close, I can’t stress enough the importance of performing a digital audit for your small business’s marketing efforts. In this blog post, I’ll cover what a digital marketing audit is, why it’s so crucial for your business, and steps you can take to ensure you’re doing it correctly. Let’s get started!

What is a Digital Marketing Audit?

A digital marketing audit is a comprehensive review of your business’s digital marketing efforts and assets over a particular period. This includes investigating your strategies, practices, posts, ads, and other assets to understand how they performed in the digital sphere.

Why Is It Important?

Digital marketing audits are essential because they enable you to see what is and isn’t working for your business – thereby empowering you to make well-informed marketing decisions. They force you to take a step back and gain an eagle’s eye perspective of your efforts. You may then use this knowledge to inform and advance future marketing goals and strategies.

When Should I Audit My Digital Assets?

The best time of year to review your analytics and audit your assets is at the end of the year (end of Q4). We also recommend performing a digital audit at the start of a new quarter or before/after any significant business milestone.

Digital Auditing: FREE On-Demand Training Course

It’s our goal to celebrate what you’re doing well, uncover areas in need of improvement, and identify new strategies to digital marketing that will best suit your industry and audience. As such, we’ve developed a step-by-step training course that walks you through the digital auditing process and helps you find new ways to thrive in 2021. And the best part is, it’s now available ON DEMAND!

Here’s what you’ll learn during our on-demand digital auditing course:

  • How to Create a Digital Review Checklist
  • What to Look for in Your Digital Review
  • Platforms to Assess During Your Digital Review:
    • Google My Business
    • Social Media
    • Digital Advertising
    • Email Marketing
    • Website
  • What to Do with Your Findings

The time to audit your digital strategy is now. Simply click the button below to access and download your FREE digital auditing course!

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A La Carte Digital Auditing Services

To best accommodate the unique needs of your growing business, we’ve created an a la carte menu of auditing services that cover all the major areas of digital marketing. Pick and choose our digital auditing packages that work best for your small business, or opt for an entire 5-course experience with our “Under the Microscope” package!

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