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3 Ways To Reward Customer Loyalty & Build Relationships This Holiday Season


I think I speak for most small business owners when I say I cannot wait to hit 2020 with the door on the way out. This year has been a wild ride filled with so many ups and downs. But amidst all the heartache, drama, fear-mongering and uncertainty, there’s one thing I’ve been consistently grateful… Continue Reading »

Responding to Questions & Comments: Most Effective Social Selling Behavior


Social media is steadily growing more important as a sales platform. In a recent study from Bambu we learned that Millennials prefer to discover and research brands on social media. 45% of Millennials prefer sales outreach via social compared to other sales methods, such as cold calling. 45% of Millennials prefer sales outreach via social… Continue Reading »

is pumpkin overdone

Is Pumpkin Over Done – or Essential?


Ah Fall! I love this season. It means crisp days here in the Northeast, complete with fashionable sweaters and boots. On the culinary front, autumn arrives with the return of everything Pumpkin. I look forward to this season for many of the flavors that come with it, everything including; apple crisp, hot cider and anything… Continue Reading »