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Get Clear in 2020: Understanding the Customer Insights Package


What’s the single most powerful thing you can do to build your business? Develop a better understanding of your customers. How do you develop that understanding? By examining the data trail your customers leave when they visit your website, see your ads, or search for you online. Discover the 2020 Customer Insights Package We know… Continue Reading »

Stats Only Scratch the Surface: Digging Deeper for Meaningful PPC Data Insights


Want to know a secret that most PPC companies won’t tell you? Creating Google Ads is easy. Anyone can start a Google Ad (or AdWords Express) Account and launch a campaign in just a matter of hours. But we don’t withhold that information to trick you into working with us. It’s for your own good…. Continue Reading »

Is Data-Driven Marketing Only For Big Companies?


Wal-Mart has become the world’s largest retailer in part because they know more about their customers than anyone else. Their just-in-time inventory system – which allows the mega-retailer to stock only what they need on site – is entirely dependent on understanding who their customers are, what they are likely to buy, and when they’re… Continue Reading »