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Holiday Marketing Events

Boost SMB Revenue this Holiday Season with Facebook’s Paid Online Events Tool


Discover the paid online events tool that’s helping small businesses thrive amidst the COVID crisis. In our previous blog post, we discussed three ways to reward customer loyalty and build relationships this holiday season; two of which involved presenting customers with exclusive promo codes and special access to new products or services your business plans… Continue Reading »

The Graying of Facebook: Where Are All the Younger Users?


As Facebook has gotten older, so has its user base. Industry watchers have been saying for years that younger users aren’t using Facebook as enthusiastically as their older siblings, parents, and grandparents are. This month, eMarketer reports that the decline is actually proceeding at a greater rate than expected, with growth among 12 to 17-year-olds… Continue Reading »

Social Media Ad Options Increasing: Facebook & Pinterest Make Big Changes


Social media advertising has grown at an exponential rate, with different platforms racing each other to introduce new features, targeting tools, in-platform purchasing options and more. There’s a reason for this. While it’s possible to connect with your customers on social media relying solely on the content you post and organic engagement, it’s incredibly difficult… Continue Reading »

Facebook Advertising: Better than TV Commercials?


Reuter’s has recently reported that Facebook is poised to overtake television as the primary advertising platform for business advertisers of all sizes. In the course of a year, Facebook users went from viewing 1 billion videos to more than 8 billion – the sort of exponential growth that has resulted in Facebook enjoying record revenues…. Continue Reading »