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What Makes Gen Z Different from Millennials?


Gen Z is the newest generation of shoppers. Born after 1995, Gen Z will account for 40% of all shoppers by 2020. The oldest members of Gen Z are recent college graduates and new entrants to the workforce. While most aren’t entirely independent yet, they do have money to spend. Forbes reported at the beginning… Continue Reading »

Half of Gen Z Shoppers Expect Websites to Anticipate Their Needs


The Center for Generational Kinetics researches how different generations of shoppers discover and interact with retailers and brands. In a recent study of Generation Z – shoppers currently aged between 2-19 – they found that 50% of these shoppers won’t go to a website that can’t anticipate what they’re looking for. Let’s take a look… Continue Reading »

It’s Lit: Google’s Insights on Gen Z’s Favorite Things


Members of Generation Z were born during or after 1995 and are widely reported to command $44 billion in purchasing power. Google did some research into what brands were valued by members of Gen Z, and compared their results to the beliefs held by Millennials. Brands were rated on two criteria – how aware members… Continue Reading »