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Calls to Conversions in The Time of Corona: The Benefits of Call Tracking Software


It’s no “secret” that the key to attracting new leads lies in running a successful marketing campaign. But how can small business owners discern which marketing campaigns are the most successful? Well, you can start by leveraging the data analytics tools made available by the majority of marketing platforms. Such tools provide insights that allow… Continue Reading »

What Motivates Your Customers to Buy?


On June 6th, I was speaking on a panel for the CT Business Expo. During the question and answer period, an audience member was kind enough to share her business challenge with us. She’s in the speed reading business, and she told us that her market was the entire reading population. Her challenge was finding… Continue Reading »

Crowd Rules Review: Specialty Food


On Tuesday May 14th at 9pm EST a new show premiered on CNBC Prime called “Crowd Rules.” The premise of the show is simple: 3 businesses compete for a $50,000 infusion of cash into their businesses. The audience is introduced to each business, listens to the stories and decides who should get the cash. Why… Continue Reading »