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Thinking About Selling Online? Test the Waters with a Pop Up Shop

Thinking About Selling Online? Test the Waters with a Pop Up Shop

The pressures imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic have led many business owners to consider e-commerce. If you’ve been thinking about it but aren’t sure that this is the right way to go, a low-stress, low-investment way to test the waters is with a Digital Pop Up Shop.

Think of a Digital Pop Up Shop as a mini e-commerce site:

  • All of your branding is in place – your logo, colors, and images that your existing customer base knows and appreciates.
  • You have a limited suite of products – it’s a smart idea to showcase your best-selling, most high-demand items.
  • You create a super simple shopping experience that customers will trust and appreciate.

What are the Benefits of a Digital Pop Up Shop?

If you’ve never sold online before, a Digital Pop Up Shop is an ideal option. It gives you a chance to try the experience without committing to the time and expense of building an entire e-commerce site, such as a Shopify store. For a minimal cost, you’ll be able to:

  • assess interest
  • explore how selling online integrates with the rest of your business operation
  • make additional sales

It’s also a great way to introduce your brand to people who have never done business with you before.

If you are selling online, Digital Pop Up Shops are very useful to showcase specific merchandise, such as seasonal items or specialty goods. They’re also very handy to test merchandise out, or if you’ve gotten a great deal on something that’s off-brand for your business, a way to generate revenue by appealing to a different marketplace without alienating your existing customer base.

Some Vital Information About Digital Pop Up Shops

Digital Pop Up Shops are set up to run for one month. If you decide you love your Digital Pop Up Shop and want to keep it going after that first month, we’ll be happy to help you make that happen. (And yes – you can change your product listings periodically if you decide to keep the shop going.)

Digital Pop Up Shops are set up to be super simple to operate, with limited features and functionality. Everything your customers expect – including seamless secure payment processing – will be in place, but you don’t have to spend any money on fancy bells and whistles. It’s a really smart way to try out e-commerce on a budget.

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