Boost Retail Success with Klaviyo's Top 6 Automations

Our Top 6 Email Automation Strategies in Klaviyo for Retailers


Key Takeaways:

Understand what email automation is. 

Learn the six types of automated emails you should be using in Klaviyo as a retail business.

Familiarize yourself with the advantages of email automation for your brand.

As a busy retailer, it can be challenging to find the time and resources to personalize your email marketing. That’s where Klaviyo email automations come in. Join us as we explain what email automations are, highlight the top 6 ones we recommend using, and point out some of their key benefits.

Defining Email Automation

Email automation is the practice of sending automated emails to current or potential customers based on certain actions they take, a schedule you determine, or a combination of both. From a retail perspective, email automation is an effective way to send personalized and timely messages to your target audience while saving you time. According to recent research from Klaviyo and BWG Strategy, 78% of eCommerce executives believe personalization at scale is essential in marketing. But 41% of this group admitted that they’re unable to carry out the personalized marketing tactics they want. Email automations from systems like Klaviyo offer a practical solution to this dilemma. 

78% of ecommerce executives believe personalization at scale is essential in marketing. But 41% of this group admitted that they’re unable to carry out the personalized marketing tactics they want.

Klaviyo and BWG Strategy Survey

Understanding Email Automation Flows in Klaviyo

When it comes to automated emails, Klaviyo uses what’s called “flows”. A flow is the sequence of emails that trigger when a customer takes a certain action, like adding an item to a cart or abandoning their cart. It’s worth noting that a flow can take many forms, whether it’s one email or a sequence of emails linked to multiple conditions and segments. 

Top 6 Klaviyo Email Automation Types to Use for Your Retail Business

As a retail business owner, you might be wondering where to start with Klaviyo email automations. Here are the six types we recommend for enhancing engagement, customer experience, and sales. 

1. Welcome Series

This is a sequence of emails sent to new subscribers or customers, introducing them to your brand. Per Klaviyo, automated welcome emails get 4x the click rate and 23x the conversion rate of regular marketing emails. They might trigger when a person signs up for your newsletter or after they make their first purchase from your store. It’s a way to engage them right from the start, often including information about the company, special offers, customer reviews, or highlights of products or services.

From a retail business owner’s viewpoint, a Klaviyo welcome series is your first contact with a new customer. Think of it like a first date. These emails are a chance to express your brand’s personality and introduce products or services that will make their life better. And this first interaction sets the tone for future interactions with them. 

Welcome email automations get 4x the click rate and 23x the conversion rate of regular marketing emails.


2. Abandoned Cart

These emails target customers who have added items to their online shopping cart but left the site without completing the purchase. The goal of these automations is to remind customers what they’ve left behind and encourage them to return and complete their purchase, sometimes with a special offer or incentive.

Cart abandonment is a major obstacle that retailers face. This type of automation can help recover lost sales and re-engage customers. 

3. Instructional

This type of Klaviyo automation provides guidance related to a product or service. It’s useful for educating customers on how to use a product, offering tips, or providing valuable information that enhances their experience with your brand. For example, an instructional email could trigger for a new hair styling tool a customer bought, sharing tips for cleaning and maintaining the tool so it lasts longer. 

By instructing customers on how to get the most out of their purchases, you can reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction. It also encourages the consumer to come back for repeat business because they know you go the extra mile and keep the relationship going.

4. Cross-sell and Upsell

These emails are designed to either recommend products that complement what the customer has already purchased (cross-sell) or suggest higher-end alternatives (upsell). For instance, if someone recently bought a pair of gold statement earrings, a cross-sell email might suggest they by the gold chain necklace that complements it. 

The purpose of Klaviyo’s cross-sell and upsell automations is to increase the customer’s purchase value by showing them additional products they might like. By leveraging this type of automation, you can effectively boost sales without the expense of acquiring new customers.

5. Back-in-stock

When a previously out-of-stock item becomes available again, these emails notify customers who showed interest in that product. It’s a tool that Klaviyo offers to recapture the interest of potential buyers and prompt them to make a purchase. 

Say a customer really liked a certain pair of jeans but all the size 12’s sold out. The back-in-stock automation lets them know they can claim the pants they’ve been wanting. But, more than that, it also shows that you value their interests and needs.

6. Birthday

Klaviyo’s birthday emails are a personalized way to engage with customers by celebrating their special day. These often include a birthday greeting and may share a discount or special offer as a birthday gift, such as a 20% discount on the customer’s next purchase. 

This meaningful gesture can strengthen customer relationships and loyalty. Providing a special birthday discount or gift can also incentivize additional purchases, driving sales while celebrating the customer.

Sharpen Your Email Marketing’s Precision and Personalization

By tapping into the power of Klaviyo email automations, you’ll boost the impact and personalization of your email communication with customers. Your team will revel in the rewards of enhanced engagement and brand loyalty. 

Try Klaviyo to Kickstart Your Email Automation Journey 

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