Understanding Video As A Marketing Tool


We all know that Google is the biggest search engine in the world. But do you know what the second biggest search engine is? It’s not Yahoo. It’s not Bing. It’s YouTube.

Now many people don’t actually think of YouTube as a search engine. After all, YouTube is all about the videos. But when we know that a full third of all online activity is video watching, and YouTube is the unquestioned go-to source for video, things begin to make more sense.
Creating and uploading videos to YouTube can be a vital part of your marketing strategy. Video presents an ideal way to introduce yourself to new customers, extend the reach of your messaging, and share your story in a way that people really enjoy.

Three Types of Marketing Video You Need To Know About

There are three types of videos that are particularly powerful for promoting your business. The first is the Tutorial Video. These how-to videos are a great way to demonstrate how your products can be used. The best tutorials are short, simple, and inspire the viewer with a sense of confidence that they can achieve the same result if they have the right gear.

The second type of video that’s very effective is the Lifestyle Video. These videos highlight people who are representative of your customer base, doing the things that make them who they are. While your products or services may appear in the lifestyle video, they’re not the focus of the piece. The reason lifestyle videos are effective is that people like to watch people like themselves in action. The experience tethers them more tightly to your brand as an essential part of that experience.

The third type of video that works well is the Humorous Video. People love to laugh, and more importantly, they like to share the things that make them laugh with their friends. Creating a humorous video is typically more challenging than any other video type, but the effort can pay off tremendously.

Paid Promotion Is Essential To Successful YouTube Marketing

An important thing to understand about adding video to your marketing mix is that in order to maximize the reach of your video, you have to pay to promote them. This is really not negotiable: depending on serendipity & organic discovery of your video may work – but it could take months, even years, to happen. Build paid promotion into your video budget. It’s an essential element.

Do You Need Help Adding Video To Your Marketing Mix?

Technology Therapy Group is a full service digital marketing agency. We have considerable filmmaking and video marketing expertise, which means we can assist you in every aspect of adding video to your marketing mix. From concept creation to successful promotion of your video, we do it all! Call us to find out more information.

Understanding Video As A Marketing Tool
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Understanding Video As A Marketing Tool

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