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The Well-Dressed Website: Holiday Edition

The Well-Dressed Website: Holiday Edition

For brick and mortar businesses, putting up holiday décor is a standard operating procedure. But what about your digital décor? Today’s shoppers visit websites before, during, and after their in-store shopping visits. Is the aesthetic experience you’re creating online going to evoke the festive feelings your shoppers want?

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Working with your web designer dressing your website for the holidays doesn’t have to be difficult.  Before any changes can be made, you’ll want to know a few things:

What’s Your Holiday Look?

Your holiday branding should be both festive and brand appropriate. Consider what colors and images you’d like to use. For best results, you’re going to want to use your holiday imagery on your website, on social media, and perhaps in other settings.

Combinations of red, green and white, as well as blue and white, are the most common color choices for winter holiday promotions, but there’s no law that says that’s what you have to do. If your brand is known for a specific color – let’s say purple – it makes sense to feature that color prominently in your holiday website décor.

What’s Your Holiday Offer?

Knowing the details of your main holiday offer, as well as any other savings opportunities you’d like to promote during the holiday season, makes it easier to integrate this information into your holiday website décor.

What’s Your Holiday Timeline?

When would you like your holiday décor to appear on your website? While many online retailers begin their holiday promotions in October, there are those traditionalists who wait until Black Friday. This year, Black Friday is November 23rd – less than 2 months away!

It’s also important to know when you’d like your holiday website décor to disappear. For many businesses, the new year is the right time for a new look.

Is your website well-dressed for the holidays? Need help making it happen? Give us a call. We’re here to help.

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