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Examine the current security concerns with TikTok and how that will affect your platform use as a small business owner.
Understand what nurture campaigns are and learn tips for pulling off successful ones that cultivate customer loyalty and boost your brand’s CLV.
Learn five ways to prioritize people over platforms in your business’s marketing.
Learn how to identify your brand’s evergreen content and adopt a perennial content strategy to optimize your content "garden".
Explore the parallels between preparing for and maintaining a flower garden and preparing for and maintaining a "garden" of favorable marketing results.
Learn why the consideration stage matters and discover the seven factors that help move buyers further down the marketing funnel.
Learn how to amplify your small business’s local SEO, cultivate customer loyalty, and stand out online.
Find out five tips to start increasing luxury buyer engagement and help your brand thrive in this new era of immersive and hyper-personalized marketing.
Discover some of the top social changes and two exciting new platforms to boost your social selling success this year.
Discover the importance of audience research, then learn how to do it well to enhance your marketing strategy and overall effectiveness.
Join us as we celebrate Women’s History Month by spotlighting some of the female tech giants who have made significant contributions in their fields.
Explore the advantages of customer surveys and find out six types you should start using for your business.
Join us as we share some creative funding options and highlight 3 Rhode Island entrepreneurs that found success with it.
Learn the benefits of email segmentation and discover practical steps to start doing it for your brand.
Discover three ways to re-engage customers and help them fall back in love with your brand.
Conquer your fear of data and equip yourself with some effective tools and strategies to do metrics the smart and actionable way.