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Do Your Socials Match Your Brand?

Do Your Socials Match Your Brand?

A big part of building your brand online is creating a consistent, reliable presence that your customers can recognize on all digital platforms. Looking to build your brand on social media? Here’s what you need to know:

Social Media Brand Building

Posting on social media is an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. However, there’s more to it than simply posting on Facebook or Instagram every day. Although post frequency is important, you could post to your socials three times a day and still not see your desired ROI. That’s because your presence and performance on social media weigh much more heavily on the quality and relevancy of your post content.

Crafting relevant, high-quality social media content that communicates your brand’s identity across all social media platforms is the fastest way to build recognition and gain trust online. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Build Trust & Recognition on Your Socials

If you want people to want to engage with and buy from your brand, you need to let them know your brand is a brand they can trust. Here are three things to keep in mind to make sure your socials match your brand:

  1. Brand Colors: Color has a profound effect on consumers, and it’s one of the best ways to attract attention. That said, make sure the colors you use in your social posts’ visuals match those found on your website, in your email marketing, on Google, etc. Consistency is key to building trust and recognition online!
  2. Brand Logo: Another way to build brand recognition and communicate your brand’s identity is to place your business’s logo on any photos or videos you post on social media. There are plenty of free and easy-to-use online resources that allow you to add your logo to your visuals, Canva being one.
  3. Brand Voice: Last but certainly not least, if you want to build trust with consumers online, you’ll need to give your brand a “voice” that remains consistent across all social platforms and digital channels.

Your brand’s voice is a combination of the wording and visuals you use to convey your brand’s identity. Think of it as the best way to let your business’s personality shine online. Communicating in a particular voice consistently is crucial because it presents information to consumers in a way that becomes familiar. Because familiarity breeds trust, speaking in the same voice across all social platforms ultimately increases leads, improves engagement, and boosts sales!

To help determine your brand’s voice, we suggest imagining your brand’s persona and writing down any qualities or characteristics that come to mind. Then, list out any celebrities whose public personas most closely match up to your brand’s. For instance, let’s say you describe your brand’s persona as knowledgeable, informative, inspiring, and environmentally conscious. You may want to mirror your brand’s voice off someone like David Attenborough— broadcaster, naturalist, writer, and narrator best known for his work on Planet Earth and A Life on Our Planet. This exercise is a great place to start, but remember, our  TTG Marketing Mentors are always here to help if you get stuck!

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