Father’s Day Sales Strategy & Digital Marketing Tips for SMB

Dad’s Day for the Digitally Dynamic Business Owner

Dad’s Day for the Digitally Dynamic Business Owner

As we gear up to celebrate the father figures in our lives this Father’s Day, there are a few interesting things happening. Here are some marketing trends to keep in mind while planning your Father’s Day sales push:

1. Father’s Day Spending Has Been on The Up & Up Year Over Year

Father’s Day spending has been on the up and up year over year since the early 2000’s, growing 70% in the last ten years alone. In 2020, consumers spent a record high of $17 billion, according to Statista, and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down anytime soon.

SMB retailers aren’t the only ones looking forward to this gift-giving holiday. With pandemic shutdowns putting much of life on hold last year, consumers are itching to get out and celebrate the special men in their lives this Father’s Day. Retailers and small business owners are posed to reap the benefits of this— especially from consumers aged 35 and under, according to NRF (more on this below).

2. We’re Not Playing Up the “Distracted, Disconnected, Doofy Dad” Trope Anymore

When it comes to your brand’s Father’s Day messaging, steer clear of detached, “hands-off” depictions of Dad. Today’s consumers value their father figures for being involved, informed, and interactive in their lives. Ensure the messaging you use in your digital advertisements, social media posts, and website appeals to this. And don’t forget, Father’s Day applies to stepfathers and fatherly figures, too!

3. Special Experiences that Make Memories

The COVID-19 pandemic put a lot into perspective for consumers and business owners alike—highlighting the importance of those near and dear to our hearts like never before. Between easing COVID restrictions and warmer weather, consumers will be itching to come together to make memories this Father’s Day. As such, your sales push should focus on the ways your goods and/or services create positive memories your consumers and their families will treasure for years to come.

Along with the suggestions mentioned above, here are some things your business can do to capitalize on these trends:

  1. Target Gift-Giving Consumers Aged 35 & Younger. As mentioned earlier, consumers aged 35 years and younger reportedly spend the most money on Father’s Day. That automatically makes all of Gen Z and the majority of the Millennial generation your most important target demographics from now through June 20th. Do your research into these age groups and craft a sales strategy that will appeal to Millennials and Gen Z’ers seeking to purchase the perfect gift for Dad.
  2. Sell Gifts for the Modern-Day Dad. Remember, shift your messaging away from the removed, uninformed father stereotype and move towards the loving, involved, fatherly role models who deserve recognition not just on Father’s Day, but every day.
  3. Gift Memories for the Whole Family. Whether you sell clothes, concert tickets, jewelry, sports equipment, skincare treatments, or otherwise, highlight the fact that when consumers gift your goods and/or services, they’re gifting bond-building, memory-making experiences their father figures will value and love.

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