Making Good Use of Your Data - Better Understanding Your Customers

Do You Find Data Overwhelming & Intimidating? You’re Not Alone

Do You Find Data Overwhelming & Intimidating? You're Not Alone

Business owners are being bombarded with the message that data is the answer to all of their business challenges. With the right data, it’s possible to better understand your customers, make smarter marketing decisions, avoid costly buying mistakes, and run a more profitable company. But it’s far from easy to get to and make good use of your data.

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Part of the problem with data is there’s just so much of it. It takes just two days to generate as much data as humankind amassed from the dawn of civilization to 2003.

Your business data represents a share of that total. Every time a customer visits your website, comments on your social media, makes a purchase, or otherwise engages with your brand, it creates a data point. These data points accumulate like snowflakes in a Nor’easter – before you know it, you’re in danger of being buried by an excess of information. Entrepreneur reports that the data that’s supposed to be helping business owners are instead negatively impacting productivity.

60% of Business Leaders Struggle to Convert Data into Actionable Insights

If you’ve been feeling bad because you know you haven’t been making full use of your business data, know that you’re not alone. Nearly 2/3rds of your fellow business leaders are in the same boat. The sheer volume of data is one issue, and the fact that data originates and is stored in multiple different locations that don’t necessarily connect with each other is another. The third issue is context: data is most useful when it answers the questions you have as a business owner, but identifying which piece of the data is the answer and which piece is just noise is challenging and time-consuming.

Kepler12 built the Smart Stella Website platform to capture data and organize it in a way that makes sense for the busy business owner. The critical information you need is presented in context, allowing you to see what your customers are doing, identify emerging trends, and spot any problems before they interfere with your customer’s shopping experiences. It’s easy to use and makes using your business data effectively something that’s possible right now.

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