Mobile First is here - Is Your Business' Website Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile First is Here: Is Your Website Ready?

Mobile First is Here: Is Your Website Ready?

We’re living in what’s being called the “New World of Mobile.” This means that customers are accessing information using smartphones, tablets and other devices more than they’re using computers. Recent research from the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey reveals that every developed country in the world has a mobile phone penetration rate of at least 90%. Here in the US, tablet usage tops 60%, and at least 10% of people are using other mobile devices, such as wearables and smart speakers like Alexa. Is your business’ website mobile-friendly? If it isn’t, it is time to upgrade.

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Is your website ready for this new world? For a few months now, Google has been prioritizing mobile-friendly sites in their search results. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile – a state that involves fast load times, voice-search friendly content, and the ability to learn from customer behavior – your business is going to slip off the radar. Customers who can’t find you won’t do business with you.

Springtime Savings on Website Upgrades

For many retailers and small business owners, springtime is the ideal time to invest in improving your business. The busy holiday season is months away, so you have an opportunity to take steps to meet and exceed customer expectations. Younger shoppers, in particular, believe that a business website should anticipate their desires and offer a tailored experience – even if they’ve never visited your website before. To make this happen, you need to have the right data capture tools in place, and the ability to learn and act on what your website can tell you about your customer preferences.

Right now, there’s special incentive pricing available on website upgrade packages. For as little as $2,500 you can transform the website you have into one that looks great on screens of all sizes, made for a mobile-first world, with the data capture, e-commerce, and customer service tools you need to wow your audience built in. Ideal for retailers and business owners who are determined to grow their companies in 2018!

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