Hulu Self-Service Ad Platform – How to Get Started

Streaming Ads Hit the Mainstream: Advertising on Hulu

Key Takeaways

Hulu introduced a self-service ad platform in 2020.

The new format made Hulu ads more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets.

Ads on streaming platforms can increase brand awareness for companies of all sizes.

The self-service ad feature is currently being beta tested.

Binge watching is about to be a whole lot better for your brand.

We’ve already talked at length about how important video marketing is to your digital stack these days, but the opportunity to boost brand awareness with video has expanded even more now that streaming platforms like Hulu are expanding their ad options.

Advertising on Streaming Services

Unless you’re paying for premium, you’ve probably already become accustomed to ads on your favorite streaming platforms including Hulu. The big brands that have been working with streaming services to promote their products have been seeing results, with increased purchase intent reportedly aligning with strategically placed ads.

So, ads on streaming platforms work. But if you’re like the rest of us, you’re tired of seeing the same old ads running all the time.

However, we take the good with the bad around here. If Hulu ads are too repetitive, it’s time to shake things up. And the perfect thing to keep streamers happy might be targeted ads that are more relevant to their preferences. In their survey, Morning Consult discovered that 57 percent of respondents agreed that targeted ads are “informative,” and about half of the surveyed group called targeted ads “helpful.”

That’s where you come in!

69% of U.S. adults said they think ads on streaming services are repetitive; 79% are bothered by that experience.

Morning Consult

Hulu Ad Beta Testing Program

The system for running ads on Hulu used to require direct communication with an account manager at the company, but now, you can do the work yourself. A self-service ad option is being beta tested as we speak, opening up a world of options especially for small and mid-sized businesses like yours.

Initially announced during 2020 at peak pandemic panic, the world was at its binge-watching best while small businesses struggled to meet the demands of a physically limited commerce environment. Hoping to help diversify their ad pool, give customers more relevant content, and encourage the longevity of local businesses, Hulu introduced the lower-priced self-service ad options available today.

A lower-cost option sounds enticing, right? Let’s look into what that actually means.

“With the increased number of subscribers, it makes perfect sense why Hulu is reducing its pricing and targeting small and medium-sized enterprises.”

Alex Dunn for Business 2 Community

What Does It Cost to Advertise on Hulu? And Is It Worth It?

While this is a loaded question best answered by the ever-applicable statement “it depends,” we can say that self-service Hulu ads are an affordable option for businesses with limited advertising budgets. There is a minimum campaign spend of $500, which may seem steeper than the $5 here and there you’ve used to boost Facebook posts, but the potential impressions and brand expansion are worth considering.

  • Expand brand awareness – Showing off your products and services to viewers across TVs, tablets, and smartphones can inspire purchases from your brand, whether viewers are already in the market for your offerings, or you create an earworm with your ad that gets them itching to shop.
  • Improve name recognition – Get your name out there! With so many people swearing off social media and stacking their streaming subscriptions, your ad options need to reach customers where they are. That way, you can get properly acquainted.
  • Target based on content preferences – The content your customers are watching can put them in the mood to peruse your shop. For example, there was a 40% likelihood of making travel reservations online after Travel advertised their brand on the Top Chef finale in Hawaii, according to Business 2 Community.
  • Compete against oversaturation – The digital advertising landscape is packed with competition. Starting early with the next big movement in ads may be your ticket to higher impressions at a less cut-throat cost.

Ultimately, there are plenty of reasons to consider creating video ads for streaming platforms like Hulu. But you may want to apply for the beta ad manager before going too far down the rabbit hole.

In the meantime, explore your advertising options with experts who know the ins-and-outs of online ads across all platforms. You’ll find the perfect place to put your ads and attract new customers. We just know it!

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