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How Instagram’s “Suggested Posts” Feature Benefits Your Business


This past summer, Instagram rolled out a “suggested posts” feature to give users more to explore once they’d reached the end of their following feed. Here’s what this potentially means for your business: “You’re All Caught Up”—But Are You? In 2018, Instagram added a feature similar to Facebook’s “time well spent” approach that let users… Continue Reading »

2021 Marketing Strategy Insights: TikTok for Business


Small business owners often ask us if they should be on TikTok and if the platform can actually help their business. Well, small business owners— you might not know how you feel about TikTok, but TikTok most certainly knows how it feels about you, as evidenced by its new brand and platform, “TikTok for Business”,… Continue Reading »

Boost Your Social Media Presence with Rebel Mouse


A little over a year ago Paul Berry, former Huffington Post CTO introduced RebelMouse, a site that streamlines your social media into a single “homepage.” The site now boasts 5 million unique visitors per month and over 300,000 sites created by users. What is RebelMouse? RebelMouse is a site that gives users the ability to… Continue Reading »