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Thinking About a Digital Pop-Up Store? Here’s What You Need to Know


When you can’t see your customers in person, you need to see them online. Whether you’re an established online retailer or you’re new to eCommerce, it’s important to know that a digital pop-up store is a tool you can use to address specific business challenges. For example: Your Regular Customers Have Specific Needs They Want… Continue Reading »

Crafting the COVID-19 Customer Experience


The COVID-19 pandemic has put business owners in a situation that’s totally out of their control. In many states, the decision whether to open your doors is no longer yours. Government authorities are requiring non-essential businesses to close, with no certain re-open date identified. It’s fair to say things are a little chaotic for everyone…. Continue Reading »

New Year, New Website: What You Need to Help Your Business Grow


In 2019, every business is an online business. Today’s customers are researchers, who spend significant amount of time exploring their options before committing to even minor purchases. If this process brings them to your website, you have a limited opportunity to convince them that you’re what they’re looking for. This is true even if you’re… Continue Reading »

The Customer Journey Isn’t a Straight Line


“Forget everything you knew about the customer funnel!”  This sounds like very bold marketing advice – the type you might want to disregard because it sounds too over the top – but when you realize the source, you may want to reconsider. Your job is to provide the customer with a satisfying experience no matter… Continue Reading »