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The Amazon Effect: Get with It or Get Lost in eCommerce

Amazon Effect

E-commerce has become an integral element of the global retail system in recent years. Like many other businesses, the retail sector has changed dramatically since the start of the internet, and increased internet access throughout the world means the number of digital buyers grows with each passing year. Because of the growing digitization of modern […]

Social Listening: What is It & How Can It Help My Business?

Social Listening: What is It & How Can It Help My Business?

Do you ever catch yourself in conversation with someone and realize all you can think about is what you’re going to say next? We get so caught up in wanting to share our funny story, pose our clever counterargument, or ask our follow-up question that we end up missing the other person’s point entirely. Sure, […]

Digital Reputation Management: How to Address Negativity Online

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Updated August 2021. For many businesses, the holiday season brings stretch to staff and companies. This is something consumers are not always mindful of—and we can’t blame them for that. We’re doing business in an era of immediate gratification, after all; where technology caters to customers who want what they want… and they wanted it […]

What Kind of Customer Experience Do You Really Provide?

It’s Never Too Soon to Start Thinking About Search

What do we know about retail today? It’s all about the customer experience. In fact, 2020 is the year customer experience is predicted to outpace price and product as the key differentiator. In some sectors, particularly the luxury space, this shift happened a while ago; other types of businesses to varying degrees find themselves forced […]

Curious About CBD? Learn How You Can Use CBD to Build Your Business!

Curious About CBD? Learn How You Can Use CBD to Build Your Business!

CBD seems like it’s everywhere lately. This miracle cure can be found in the smallest stores, regional chains and even luxury boutiques. And CBD’s not limited to retail. You can find CBD in restaurants, spas and salons, and even in manufacturing and construction. In fact, we’ve even started a CBD Club here at Technology Therapy […]

What Motivates People to Call Your Business?

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How many people do you know who hate talking on the phone? The answer’s not quite everybody, but almost – US consumers are five times more likely to send and receive text messages than phone calls. Yet there is one situation that will lead people to call a business – even when that business has […]