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Working with Influencers – When & Why to Do It


Influencers – people who shape our purchasing behavior – are not new. For those of us born before the social media age, these people were our friends and family, and at an aspirational level, celebrities. But now influencers aren’t limited to those close to us in proximity or personal relationships. Social media has created a… Continue Reading »

Investigating Instagram Training Image

Intimidated by Instagram? You Don’t Have to Be


Even before the pandemic, Instagram was poised to become the most important digital marketing platform for businesses seeking to reach young, relatively affluent buyers. That’s according to Forbes magazine, which reports two out of every three adults between the ages of 18-29 use Instagram regularly. Sprout Social, which researches shoppers’ social media usage patterns, reports… Continue Reading »

Instagram Hashtags: What You Need To Know


In case you were busy during the holiday season, we’d like to bring you up to speed with what’s been going on with Instagram. On December 12th, Instagram announced that users can now follow hashtags the same way they follow user accounts. Following a hashtag doesn’t mean you see every post with that hashtag; instead,… Continue Reading »

Instagram Shadowban Keeps People from Seeing Your Posts


There have been rumors for a while now that Instagram was taking action to limit the reach of popular posts. Accounts that regularly garnered thousands of likes on a typical post found that those numbers dramatically dropped off; further research revealed that impacted posts could not be found by searching the hashtags used. Obviously, this… Continue Reading »