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Social Media Apps to Keep an Eye On

KEY TAKEAWAYS:Social media is a critical component to any modern marketing strategy for both brick-and-mortar and ecommerce businesses. New social media platforms are emerging to capitalize in changes in user demographics and needs. Depending on your demographic and marketing goals, these new platforms may be your best bet for gaining a substantial following: TikTok, Clubhouse, […]

How Instagram’s “Suggested Posts” Feature Benefits Your Business

How Instagram’s “Suggested Posts” Feature Benefits Your Business

This past summer, Instagram rolled out a “suggested posts” feature to give users more to explore once they’d reached the end of their following feed. Here’s what this potentially means for your business: “You’re All Caught Up”—But Are You? In 2018, Instagram added a feature similar to Facebook’s “time well spent” approach that let users […]

These are the Trends Pinterest Pros Predict for 2021

pinterest trend

This year’s Pinterest Predicts report is out, along with all the trends Pinterest pros expect to see as 2021 continues to unfold. Whether you plan on working Pinterest into your current digital marketing strategy or are already seeing the fruits of your labor, here’s what all small business owners should know… Did You Know? 442 […]