Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

The Eleventh Hour: Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Strategies

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Start your holiday marketing as early as you can.

Personalize correspondence and personally express gratitude whenever possible.

Incorporate holiday graphics, giveaways, and limited offers into your Q4 strategy.

Make sure your digital game is on point to cater to mobile shoppers.

Tap into the season’s sense of urgency when messaging about limited-time deals and reminding customers to order before the deadline so their gifts arrive in time.

Every business has the opportunity leverage holiday sentiment in the fourth business quarter. Need some last-minute inspiration for your 2022 holiday marketing strategy? Here are some tips for boosting sales, bolstering client relationships, and expressing thanks as this year draws to a close.

Customers Are Shopping Earlier

More people are starting to shop for the holidays earlier this year. In fact, 80% of shoppers prefer to finish their holiday shopping as early as possible. And Cyber Monday is now Cyber Month since this period of sales goes on for longer.

80% of shoppers prefer to finish their holiday shopping as early as possible.

Some of the reason for earlier shopping is due to supply chain issues. People want to make sure they get their intended gifts for their loved ones and make sure they arrive in time for the holiday.

  • For B2B and B2C businesses, this means kicking off holiday sales and announcing holiday deals early.
  • For nonprofits, this means jumpstarting donation drives as soon as possible. Clearly explain how someone can donate or get involved and give them a way to share your message. Don’t forget to remind them of end of year tax opportunities on contributions they make to your org.

Consumers Prefer Mobile Shopping

In 2022, customers will spend 15% more shopping online via their phones. It’s more important than ever to review your business’s mobile shopping experience.

Customers Want Personalization

Automating your marketing messages can be convenient, but don’t neglect some personalization when interacting with customers at the end of the year. According to Statista, 90% of US consumers like the idea of personalized marketing. This can take the form of including a customer’s name in the order confirmation and abandon cart emails you send them.

Shoppers Value Businesses That Are Making a Difference

More consumers, especially younger demographics, want to align themselves with businesses that share similar values. Strive to demonstrate that your business is making a difference all year long — but especially during the holidays.

90% of the consumers […] have come to expect companies to participate actively in CSR activities while 84% said they actively seek out responsible products.”

Cone Communications, 2015 Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Study

Ways to Boost Holiday Sales

Create a Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re a B2C, consider compiling a holiday gift guide to boost sales. And release it as early as you can and share it via social channels to help spread the word.

Even if you’re B2B, you can still leverage this tool. Create a holiday flipbook of the businesses that you support. If you’re a nonprofit, make a guide that shows your organization’s impact in 2022 and messaging that encourages donations.

Play Up the Holidays and Focus on Connecting with Customers

Get festive for the holidays with your graphics. (But do keep in mind that your focus should be more on connecting with customers than selling to them during this season!)

Switch up your social images and posts. Engage customers with fun virtual games or giveaways. Consider packaging some items together as a set for the holidays. Pair your products with experiences. Have gift certificates come with a bonus gift for the giver.

Create Holiday Notice Templates Ahead of Time

Save yourself time during the holidays by setting up your holiday greetings and templates early. This messaging could include store hour announcements, “happy holidays” messages, and countdown reminders.

Make Holiday Website Updates

Create a dedicated holiday page on your business’s website. Share all holiday messages, announcements, deadlines, and holiday policies here. For instance, note when your store will be closed for the holidays or any special sales you’ll be offering and when. Ensure that customers know how to go about returning something.

Tap into Holiday Shopping Urgency 

Every shopper wants a deal — whether that’s free overnight shipping, a discount on an order, or getting a free gift with a purchase. Consumers also have a sense of urgency during this time of year. Use that to your advantage! For instance, if you’re B2B, encourage potential clients to lock in their price before the prices increases in 2023. If you’re in the fitness or home improvement niches, advertise in a way that taps into New Year’s goals.

Ways to Cultivate Client Relationships and Show Thanks

Prioritize the Personal 

Channel the holiday’s vibe of gratitude to show the appreciation you feel toward your staff and clients. Host a lunch or breakfast event in November or January, to connect with customers. Give personal calls to clients during the holidays, expressing your thanks for their continued support. Host a Zoom party and send a small gift to staff and clients.

Spread Holiday Cheer on Your Social Channels

Post pictures of your team wearing Christmas sweaters or some pictures from the staff holiday party. If you’re a retail store, share some unboxing videos. If you’re a nonprofit, post volunteer spotlights or interviews along with a short message of appreciation for their contributions.

Express Holiday Wishes to Customers

Send Holiday ecards to thank customers for another great year of business and wish them luck in 2023. Share holiday wishes and gratitude on reminder emails and order confirmations.

Step Up Your Customers’ Digital Experience

Set up your website with a wish list feature so customers have an easy way to save their favorite items and send hints to family and friends. Designate a web page on your site for a virtual drawing you’ll be having during the holidays. Make sure that your virtual appointment scheduling tool is working smoothly. Inform customers of free shipping or curbside pickup options.

3 Planning Pointers to Keep in Mind

1. Set up Holiday Email Flows in Advance

Email marketing platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp are a great way to take advantage of automation to reduce your stress and business this holiday season

2. Think Local SEO When Reviewing and Creating Ads

Lots of people will be performing location-specific searches for products this time of year. Make sure to incorporate your location and phrases like “near me” in your ad keywords.

3. Adjust Your Process as You Go

Take notes on what customers are asking questions about during the holiday sales season. You’ll also want to regularly review your metrics to see which posts get the most engagement. For example, maybe your target audience is gravitating toward social media shorts rather than eblasts.

Help with Holiday Marketing

Technology Therapy® Group wishes you a fun and thriving holiday sale season. If you need more guidance as you carry out your holiday marketing strategy, check out the following on-demand training sessions.

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