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Cracking the Consideration Mystery: 4 Things Customers Do During This Vital Stage in the Customer Journey


At this point in the game, the odds are pretty good you’ve been through a few discussions about the customer journey. You’ve heard that the customer journey is not linear and that people don’t always take the shortest, fastest route through the sales funnel. What you haven’t heard much about is the consideration stage –… Continue Reading »

Is Being Clueless About Conversion Rates Hurting Your Business?


It’s so easy to take your website for granted. This is especially true for businesses who don’t sell online. The perception that the website is nothing more than an online brochure leads to a valuable marketing channel going underutilized – and in today’s competitive economy, that’s a mistake. You’re not going to value your website… Continue Reading »

Fire Fake Friends: How to Tell if Your Partners are Committing Subtle Sabotage


We’ve all had that person in our lives who we knew deep down was much more interested in our failures than our successes. We’d catch a glimmer in their eye when we hit our low points and a scowl when we reach a milestone without them. Frenemies, fake friends, bad boyfriends and the like. It’s… Continue Reading »