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What’s Good for the Environment is Good for Your Business


Think your consumers don’t care about sustainability? Think again. According to GreenBiz: At least 75% of consumers report sustainability to be moderately to extremely important to them. 71% of consumers would pay more for brands that are sustainable. 57% of consumers say climate change has caused them to reassess their purchasing habits The events that… Continue Reading »

Spring Clean Your Email List

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget to Spruce Up Your Email List


Spring cleaning time has begun—and your digital marketing platforms are no exception! Though watching your email list grow is a great feeling, did you know that email marketing platforms often limit the number of contacts you can have before forcing you to upgrade to a paid account or higher tier account? Before swiping your card… Continue Reading »

Low-Cost & No-Cost SMB Marketing Ideas


Here at TTG, we get a lot of questions from small business owners about the most cost-effective ways to implement digital marketing into their current business strategy. As a small business owner myself, I understand first-hand the value of a free or low-cost resource that works to grow your company— especially when you’re just starting… Continue Reading »

Finding Balance: Digital & Traditional Marketing Synergy


Digital marketing (also referred to as “modern marketing”) is a form of marketing that involves online and internet-based technologies, platforms, and channels to promote services and products. Traditional marketing promotes services and products through non-digital means—the four main types being print, broadcast, telephone, and direct mail. As the world becomes more digital-first, small business owners… Continue Reading »