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3 Ways Working with a Marketing Mentor Can Help You Grow Your Business


There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all advice. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about fitness, home improvement, or running a company – every individual has their own unique situation that can’t be addressed with cookie-cutter wisdom. That’s why the TTG Marketing Mentor program exists. These individual sessions focus specifically on the marketing challenge that’s concerning… Continue Reading »

Trying to Build Your Digital Marketing DIY Skills? Why Live Training Makes Sense


The current situation has led many small business owners to take on the challenge of doing their own digital marketing. Promoting your business on social media, using email marketing to connect with customers, and creating effective digital advertising can be done – if you know what you are doing. What’s the Best Way to Boost… Continue Reading »

Good Communication Can Save Your Brand During Quarantine


Right now, your customers are home and they’re online. Your digital communication channels – your website, your social media, and your email marketing – are still in place. You have the opportunity to stay connected to your customers. To keep customer relationships strong, your marketing and communication needs to stay constant & positive. Now we’ll… Continue Reading »

Hanging in There? Here’s How 8 Top Digital Marketing Companies Are Helping You Stay Connected


It’s absolutely amazing how many companies are stepping up to help people out during the pandemic. It’s also a little overwhelming. There’s so much going on that it can be difficult to see what resources are available specifically for you. To simplify the process of finding help for small business owners, we’ve collected links to… Continue Reading »