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Why Are Games So Important To Millennials?


You may think you’ve already heard everything there is to hear about Millennials. There are 80 million Millennials, which means they’re the largest cohort in the workplace and consumer market. Estimates of Millennial buying power vary somewhat, but most come in around $200 billion annually. There is a widely-held preference among Millennials to spend their… Continue Reading »

6 Things You’ll Want To Know About 6 Second Ads


6 second ads: Will Be on YouTube, Facebook, streaming TV & more All of the major advertising platforms relevant to small business users, including YouTube and Facebook, have introduced a 6 second ad format. Major brands have been the first to adopt these micro-ads, including Michelin and Monday Night Football, and experts predict that by… Continue Reading »

Click to Call is Critically Important


One of the most common questions any marketing agency hears is “How will we know that the marketing is working?” There are three ways to track campaign effectiveness: via online forms, phone calls, and changes in in-store traffic. We’ve found that most business owners don’t track all three. In-store traffic is generally casually monitored, while… Continue Reading »