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Is Your Business Listed Correctly in Local Directories?


Search Engine Journal recently shared information about changes in the way Google handles local search inquiries. Some of the changes are more relevant to larger businesses who have a multi-national presence, but one update that applies to everyone has to do with local directory listings. Local directories are sites like Home Advisor, Yelp, and the… Continue Reading »

How Much Does It Cost to Get Someone to Use Your App? Understanding Acquisition Cost


Business owners are often very curious about how much it costs to have a new app built. It’s important to understand that development represents only one part of an app’s cost. In order for an app to be successful, you need a strategy to attract users. Marketing and promotion costs include any advertising you do… Continue Reading »

Augmented Reality is Going to Transform Retail as We Know It


For a long time, the conversation in retail has centered on creating digital experiences that match the face-to-face experience shoppers expect in brick and mortar stores. Augmented reality is very exciting martech because it makes it possible to provide shoppers with an experience previously unavailable in any setting. For example, consider couch shopping. Anyone who… Continue Reading »