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Understanding Page Experience: The New Criteria Google is Using to Rank Your Website 


Google uses a number of factors to determine where your website appears in the results to relevant search queries. Over the past 18 months or so, we’ve talked to you about how important it is for sites to be mobile friendly and secure. Google’s started ranking sites that limit the use of interstitial ads over those that… Continue Reading »

Learn How to Perfect Your Google My Business Listing to Attract More Local Customers


One thing we’ve all learned during the pandemic is the value of local businesses. Many people didn’t realize how much they valued the businesses and shops in their community until they were unable to access them. Now as we are in a transition phase and more and more people are able to patronize local businesses… Continue Reading »

If You’re Managing Your Own Google Ads & Have Lots of Questions This Session is For You


The great thing about Google Ads is that they’re very effective. When created, targeted, and deployed appropriately, Google Ads convert frequently. Search Engine Watch reports Google Ads advertisers are getting conversion rates of 3.17% on the Search network and 0.46% on the Display network – and with the right choices, it’s entirely possible for individual… Continue Reading »