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How Data Makes Good Stores Better: A Webinar for Jewelers & Luxury Retailers


Save the date: on Monday, February 26th, at 2 pm est, David Geller, author of Geller’s Blue Book and a Quickbooks/POS expert will join Jennifer Shaheen, the Technology Therapist, to present “How Data Makes Good Stores Better.” Today’s jewelry customer expects a highly tailored shopping experience, on and offline. To provide this, jewelers need objective,… Continue Reading »

Playing Games Can Get Really Personal – And That’s A Good Thing


As you know, last year our team debuted Fan Time Fantasy Football – a game that retailers could use to provide their customers with a fun, memorable experience throughout the football season. Now that the Super Bowl is behind us, (as Pats fans, we’re not quite ready to talk about the game just yet) we’re delving… Continue Reading »

The Value of Understanding in Building Customer Relationships


Understanding is a two-way street. To run a great business, you need to understand your customers. That’s why we focus so much attention on collecting data and creating customer journey maps. It’s also really good when your customers understand your business. Storytelling is one of the tools we can use to create that understanding. Deepening… Continue Reading »