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4 Ways PPC Advertising Can Help You Grow Your Business


PPC advertising – which includes the full suite of Google Ads – is a very versatile tool. You can use PPC ads at many points in the sales funnel, from creating initial awareness, engaging interested shoppers, and converting interest into action. It’s helpful to use the right type of PPC ad at the right stage… Continue Reading »

Stats Only Scratch the Surface: Digging Deeper for Meaningful PPC Data Insights


Want to know a secret that most PPC companies won’t tell you? Creating Google Ads is easy. Anyone can start a Google Ad (or AdWords Express) Account and launch a campaign in just a matter of hours. But we don’t withhold that information to trick you into working with us. It’s for your own good…. Continue Reading »

5 Items to Check When Using AdWords


We all want to be found on Google, but sometimes SEO takes a bit longer than we hoped and SEM or paid search engine marketing is the best way to get you going. We want you to start out on the right foot so when you are setting up your AdWords yourself, here are five… Continue Reading »