Persistence Pays Off: The Secret of Building Real Relationships on Social Media


Developing an effective social media presence takes time. While setting up a profile and beginning to post content isn’t all that involved, it’s the process of developing and interacting with your followers that demands both patience and persistence. Brands sometimes become frustrated when the levels of engagement they’re enjoying aren’t translating into the real-world sales numbers they’d hoped for. Here are some tips for hanging in there while you work on bridging that gap:

Set Measurable Goals:

We’ve found that while every business owner wants to see improvement, most aren’t clear on what that improvement actually means. Set goals in concrete terms – do you want to see three new customers this week, or would you like to have sales increase by 12% over the coming quarter? Obviously, the goals should be based on your current circumstances as well as future hopes. Having benchmarks gives you something to aim for: when you know you’re achieving what you’ve set out to do, or are close to it, or are falling far short, you have valuable information you can use to determine your plans moving forward.

Commit To Engaging With Someone Else Every Day:

Social media does involve some element of quid pro quo. If you want people to engage with your content, you need to engage with theirs. For many small businesses, a smart way to do this is on local broadcast media’s Facebook page: commenting puts your business name and profile pic in front of nearby shoppers; sharing feel good stories will make your customers smile while reinforcing your ties to the local community.

Connect The Dots:

Make sure you’re using your social media to encourage your customers to come see you. Promote in-store events heavily. Remind customers they’re welcome to message you with questions, special orders, or other customer service inquiries. Share content from your website and other platforms. Specifically invite customers to share posts – especially those featuring special savings opportunities. Some people will do these things without being prompted, but most folks need a little nudge.

Find A Would Be Influencer To Work With:

There’s an aspiring broadcaster, celebrity chef, fashion blogger, or other relevant influencer in nearly every town. While top influencers command top prices for their commentary, people at the beginning of their career curve need to build a reputation. Finding a mutual agreeable arrangement can boost engagement for both of you.

The Secret of Building Real Relationships on Social Media
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The Secret of Building Real Relationships on Social Media
Learn how to build a stronger social media presence online with some of these social media tips and tricks we've learned from the best.

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