Ditch The Card: Mobile Loyalty Programs May Be The Next Big Thing


Last week, we talked about why mobile matters to the Must-Have Brand. This week, we’re going to continue with the mobile theme, focused on one particular tactic that should be of interest to every jewelry brand out there: the loyalty program.

If there’s one thing every jewelry brand wants, it’s fanatically loyal fans. Pandora’s certainly cracked the code: we’ve all heard the stories of shoppers who cross state lines (and in some cases, nearly half the country!) in search of special edition or discontinued bead charms.

One element of creating that kind of loyalty is building a relationship with and rewarding your best customers. Technology is forcing the loyalty program to take on a new form. No one wants to carry a wallet full of cards every time they go shopping, but everyone has their phone with them, all the time. Isn’t it time for your loyalty program to go mobile?

A mobile loyalty program can incorporate several features. The simplest and most obvious is a digital loyalty card shoppers can show retailers in order to receive a discount or earn points when they make a purchase – but why stop there?

Integrate the functionality to reward your fans with additional points when they post pictures of their new purchase online; consider giving bonus points if they use the hashtag of the week (which you post on your website) – it’s fun for the customer and gives you an additional way to track activity.

Give your loyalty club members the ability to opt into text alerts whenever you release new collections, have a promotion or other breaking news. It’s also a nice feature to offer club-only special coupons and, with the cooperation of your retailers, flash sales events.

If you’ve been thinking of loyalty clubs as a boring, same-old, same-old marketing technique, get ready. Mobile marketing is going to totally transform this familiar marketing tool into something tremendously powerful.

Ditch The Card: Mobile Loyalty Programs May Be The Next Big Thing
Article Name
Ditch The Card: Mobile Loyalty Programs May Be The Next Big Thing
Loyalty programs are tried and true marketing tools, but technology and customer preferences are shaping how we create effective loyalty programs.

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