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The More You Know…Is the Key to Business Growth Hiding in Your Data?


The typical small business owner has a wealth of customer data available to them. This is true even if we limit ourselves to the most common digital marketing tools – the website, social media, email marketing, and digital advertising. Each of these tools have fairly robust data capture built in, which should, theoretically, help you… Continue Reading »

Get Clear in 2020: Understanding the Customer Insights Package


What’s the single most powerful thing you can do to build your business? Develop a better understanding of your customers. How do you develop that understanding? By examining the data trail your customers leave when they visit your website, see your ads, or search for you online. Discover the 2020 Customer Insights Package We know… Continue Reading »

Curious About CBD? Learn How You Can Use CBD to Build Your Business!


CBD seems like it’s everywhere lately. This miracle cure can be found in the smallest stores, regional chains and even luxury boutiques. And CBD’s not limited to retail. You can find CBD in restaurants, spas and salons, and even in manufacturing and construction. In fact, we’ve even started a CBD Club here at Technology Therapy… Continue Reading »