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Are You Getting Real Value from Your End of Year Surveys?


What’s the first fun task now that 2019’s arrived? Tackling the overwhelming number of End of Year surveys about our industries. These surveys are designed to give business owners insights about their performance, compared to what the competition is doing. How valuable are these insights? The answer is – it depends. The quality of the insights… Continue Reading »

Are You Ready for Reddit?


Reddit calls itself the front page of the internet. A vast and free-wheeling discussion forum, Reddit is the third most visited website in the world. It has 542 million monthly users – far more than Twitter, which only boasts 336 million monthly visitors. And now, armed with data that shows Reddit users are ‘heavy online… Continue Reading »

Are You Insecure?


Almost every day, your customers are exposed to news stories about data breaches. Large organizations have had massive security breaches, leaving thousands of people vulnerable to identity theft, fraud, and more. So you can understand why, when a customer looks at your e-commerce site, one of the questions they ask themselves is “Is this safe?”… Continue Reading »